Committee Recommends 15 Day License Suspension For Johnny’s Lounge

(Beaver Dam) The Beaver Dam Administrative Committee is recommending a 15-day suspension of the liquor license for a Beaver Dam tavern that violated the city’s demerit point ordinance. The committee held deliberations Monday night after a revocation hearing last week for Johnny’s Lounge stemming from a closing time fight this past June. In the months since that time, city officials have seen failed negotiations, the rejection of a recommendation to revoke the license and a revisiting of that rejection. At one point, the owner of Johnny’s Lounge rejected an offer to close for three days. At last week’s hearing, the tavern’s attorney focused less on the infraction and more on the constitutionality of the ordinance. A final decision on the matter will be determined during the council’s first meeting in January, at which time the business could raise objections. Any objections would be handled at the circuit court level.  The penalty would not be enacted until after the appeals process has been completed.

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