Beaver Dam Man Given Eight Years In Prison For Seriously Injuring An Infant

(Beaver Dam) A Beaver Dam man was sentenced Thursday to eight years in prison for violently shaking an infant which resulted in serious injuries. Following a three-day jury trial in November, Raymond Keyser was convicted on one felony count of Physical Abuse of a Child – Recklessly Causing Great Bodily Harm. The incident happened in February of 2015 when Keyser was watching the eight-month-old. He told investigators that he was watching television while sitting on a bed; the infant was unsecured in a car seat next to him. The 25-year-old says he got up from the bed, bumped the car seat and the infant fell face first onto the ground with the car seat then falling on the child’s head.  The infant was flown to UW Hospital in Madison. The UW Child Protection Team disputed Keyser’s version of the story saying that the extent of injuries were more consistent with either shaking a child or “slamming the child down onto a soft surface, such as a mattress.” The child suffered permanent brain damage and disability. District Attorney Kurt Klomberg says a civilized society cannot tolerate violence leading to severe and irreparable harm to children and that the maximum penalty allowed does not begin to adequately address the severity of the crime. In handing down the sentence, Judge Steven Bauer called the crime extremely aggravated. In addition to prison, Keyser was placed on extended supervision for five years.